Local Environment Management and Analysis

Members of the team

Antoinette Marie-Reine Nishimwe
M.Sc. in Geomatics and Geometrology, 2015 (ULiège), M.Sc. specialization in Sustainable Energy Management, 2017 (Uliège-Arlon)
marie-reine.nishimwe@uliege.be & amrnishimwe@doct.uliege.be


MA. Marie-Reine is currently a researcher in Wal-e-Cities project at LEMA. Basically she is a civil engineer and has worked in residential houses and roads construction projects. She holds two masters’ degrees. One in geographic sciences - geomatics and geometrology orientation and another one in sustainable energy management. Her research project started in February 2018 and consists of developing a digital tool based on multi-scale and dynamic energy mapping of buildings in Wallonia Region. The main objective is to provide an evolving tool of building energy mapping for strategic decision making and integrated energy performance and management in Wallonia.

Martine Mostert
Master in Business Engineering, major in Supply Chain Management (2012), HEC University of Liège, PhD in Management (2017), University of Liège


Martine Mostert is a postdoctoral researcher at LEMA. She is specialized in topics related to transport, mobility and logistics. Her PhD thesis focused on the network design of intermodal transport, with a special interest in economic and environmental impacts of transport. Since October 2017, she is working on the Interreg V-A “emr connect” project, whose objective is to develop more efficient and sustainable cross-border public transport in the Euregio Meuse-Rhin. This project is based on the collaboration of 14 partners (academic institutions, public authorities and transport operators). The main tasks of Martine relate to the organization of joint cross-border academic events and collaborations and to the quantification of cross-border passenger flows in the Euregio Meuse-Rhin.

Constance Uyttebrouck
M.Sc. in Architectural Engineering (2011)


Constance is a PhD Candidate and research fellow FRIA (F.R.S.-FNRS). She has a two year experience in architecture and a three year experience in energy and sustainability design. Her research project started in January 2017 and consists of studying the effects of labour market mutations on housing and urban development through a comparative analysis of Brussels, Amsterdam and Stockholm. The final objective is to provide decision making tools to Brussels’ Public Institutions.

Fernando Puente-Sotomayor
PhD student in Urban Planning, M.A. Urban Management and Development (2006), Architect (2003)


Assistant Professor at the Central University of Ecuador since 2009, previously at the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial and Universidad San Francisco de Quito since 2007. Research lines are: Urban centralities, Disaster Risks and Land Management. Planning Director at the Municipality of Quito in 2005, 2010 - 2014. IDB Consultant on the System of Centralities and the Food Stock Markets System of Quito. Professional panels and consultancy in Ecuador, The Philippines, Peru and Cuba. Worked in urban planning, architectural design, works supervision and construction for public and private institutions, and independently since 2003.

Prof. Mario Cools
Master degree in applied economics, major quantitative business economics, minor operations research University of Antwerp (2004), Master degree in applied statistics, Hasselt University (2005), PhD in transportation sciences, Hasselt University (2009)

Mario Cools was granted a post-doctoral fellowship from the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) in 2010 and worked as an assistant professor at the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUB) during the academic year 2011-2012. Since October 2012, he started working at the University of Liège as an assistant professor in the field of transport and mobility. He is author and coauthor of different scientific publications in research domains such as travel behavior, transport policy and activity-based travel demand models.

Hamed Eftekhar
Masters of Engineering (Civil), emphasized on Transportation Engineering, National University of Malaysia (2011)

Jihad Farah

Hamed has worked in both academic as research assistant in University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and executive positions as an engineer in Iran. He has participated in a number of projects in the area of Transportation science. Currently, he is involved a Belgian nationwide research project concerning mobility and traffic safety. His main role in this project is providing an effective brand new methodology to reveal some of the mechanisms that explain the differences that occur in road accident involvment in Belgium.

Ahmed Mustafa

Ahmed Mustafa

Short description: Ahmed holds an MSc in GIS, Lund University (2012). He has a great interest in environmental issues and focused his postgraduate studies in subjects such as GIS in environmental modelling, renewable energy in buildings and sustainability. He received BS in 2007 from Al-Azhar University in architectural engineering before taking a position for four years as a GIS engineer at multinational company based on Dubai, UAE and Cairo, Egypt.
Ahmed involved in ARC FloodLand research project at LEMA to model land use changes at different scales.

Luan Nguyen
Civil Engineer in Architecture ULg (2002)
Luan Nguyen

Luan Nguyen has been involved in the development of planning and regulation projects. He is currently working as research assistant in the urban planning department and carrying out research in LEMA. His research is dedicated to the colour element as a component for structuring urban environments.

Ismaïl Saadi
M.Sc. in Engineering, 2012 (Gramme), M.Sc. in Management, 2015 (HEC-ULG)

Julien Winant

Ismaïl is a researcher involved in ARC-FloodLand project at LEMA. As a partner, his main purpose is to set up a new methodology to assess indirect economic damage due to floods. The model especially takes into account the aspects in transportation networks and the changes in travel demand. Furthermore, he contributes to modelling future transportation systems and their interactions with land use change.

Prof. Sigrid Reiter
Civil Engineer in Architecture UCL (1998), PhD degree in Civil Engineering UCL (2007)

Sigrid ReiterSigrid Reiter is professor in architecture and urban planning at the University of Liège (Belgium). She got an Engineering degree in Architecture in 1998 and a PhD degree in Applied Sciences in 2007 at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). Her PhD thesis led to the development of methodological and technical tools to assist in the design of urban public spaces. She has conducted various researches on architectural and urban sustainable development. She is laureate of the “ROBERVAL Prize-2003” in the category “High Education”.

Christine Ruelle
Civil Engineer in Architecture ULg (1998)

Christine RuelleChristine Ruelle was involved in various regional researches dealing with urban lighting. She was project leader of the European SUIT project dedicated to the consideration of built heritage in Environmental Impact Assessments and participated to the Interreg IIIb CSI project dedicated to the impact of landscape values on the regeneration of brownfield sites. She is currently leader of the Interreg IVa SUN project, dedicated to sustainable development of existing urban neighbourhoods.

Prof. Jacques Teller - Director of LEMA
Civil Engineer in Architecture ULg (1992), PhD degree in Civil Engineering (2001)
Jacques Teller

Jacques Teller’s thesis was dedicated to the regulation of urban form, and more specifically to the development of performance-based urban indicators. He had the opportunity to participate to a number of European energy and environment research projects. He is presently professor at the University of Liège and director of LEMA. He chairs the COST Action C21 dedicated to urban ontologies.

Past members

Gustavo Rondón Ramirez
Geographer (2011)
Studying the master complementary of Urbanisme (2013-2014).

Gustavo Rondón Ramirez

I studied geography at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. I achieved the bachelor’s degree in 2010 and in 2011 the professional degree with a thesis about the coastal dynamics in northern Peru. I did my pre-professional practices in a Peruvian mining company, in the area of Mineral Exploration and in an environmental consulting firm. I have worked in various research projects on Integrated Water Resources Management and Land Use Changes using GIS as an analysis tool. I have also done consulting for the Andean Community of Nations analyzing the impact of climate change in institutional policies in Peru. Since 2009 I teach the practical part of various courses at my university in Peru.

Dr Jihad Farah
Masters degree in architecture (2004) Lebanese University, Masters degree in urban planning (2006) Lebanese University, PhD in urban planning (2011) University of Liege.

Jihad Farah

Jihad’s PhD Thesis focused on issues of urban fragmentation and their implications in terms of local governance and municipal policies in the suburbs of Beirut. Next to issues of urban polarization and urban governance, Jihad’s research interests extend to issues of sustainable urban development, the use of ICT technologies in participatory processes and local urban observatories. In this regard he has contributed to a number of European and International research projects: “Social guide for local urban observatories in the ESCWA region”, “Urban fragmentation and urban governance in Beirut and Damascus”, “Sustainable development south of the Mediterranean”, “Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods”, “Value +”, “European Masters in Urban Security”. He has finished in 2013 a one-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Lyon 2 on the use of ICT and participation in environmental projects in Brussels and Lyon. Jihad is also an occasional lecturer in urban planning at the Lebanese University.

Huong Luong
Master on Sustainable Natural Resources Management (2006)

Huong Luong

Huong worked as a GIS consultant on water and forest management for 10 years and lately a research assistant on soil and water assessment since 2009. Her interest is spatial and temporal land use / cover dynamics of Vietnam. Using multidisciplinary approaches, she would like to examine how urban spaces are changing and identifying the emerging challenges for reducing urban food insecurity in Hanoi, especially after doubling the population and tripling physical area when the city is expanded in 2008, in order to monitor changes in the urban environment, understand the change in patterns of urban development over time with the respects of socio-economic and related implication of public policies is necessary and important for sustainable city development.

Dr Anne-Françoise Marique
Civil Engineer in Architecture ULg (2002), Urban planner ULg (2009),
PhD degree in Civil Engineering (2013)
Anne-Francoise Marique

Anne-Françoise Marique took part in several research relating to the management and the assessment of urban environments. She is currently involved in the SOLEN project dealing with the energy assessment of neighbourhoods. Her personal research is dedicated to the development of interactive tools aiming at improving their energy efficiency and identifying practical means of action to thwart urban sprawl.

Oula Aoun
Master in Architecture (2003), Master in Urban Planning (2008), Master in Heritage Conservation (2007)
Oula Aoun

Oula has an experience in developing and designing urban mega-projects. She was granted a Non-Fria doctoral fellowship from Liège University in 2012. Her thesis is dedicated to the understanding and analysis of the large urban mega-projects, from a theoretical and an operational perspective.

Sleiman Azar
Civil Engineer in Computer Science Ulg (1994)
Sleiman Azar

Specialized in artificial intelligence and computational geometry, Sleiman Azar developed tools during European and national research projects. They concerned many research fields : solar energy assessment, urban morphology, freehand sketch interpretation, buildings' energy consumption, etc. Since 2007, he is Director (and Founder) of iForeScope Ltd and member of the TownScope consultancy group dedicated to sustainable urban design.

Juan Edson Cabrera
Master in Territorial Development (2007), Specialized in Markets and Land Policy (2008)

He studied architecture and sociology. He participated in several territorial planning projects to national and local levels in Bolivia and Colombia. From the Ministry of Development Planning he participated in the design of methodological guidelines for land planning in his country. Since 2004, focuses his studies on public policies and land markets. He participated in academic activities with the LILP. His doctoral research to revolves around relationship between public policy and territorial networks.

Mathieu Barbason
Civil Engineer in Aerospace (2009)
Abdelkader Boutemadja

Mathieu Barbason participated to the SIMBA (Simulation Multi-physique du Bâtiment) project dedicated to the integration of simulation tools developed by the aeronautic sector into building physics. These tools permit to improve energy performance levels of buildings.

Abdelkader Boutemadja
Architect (1996), Urban planner ULg (2002)
Abdelkader Boutemadja

Abdelkader Boutemadja has been involved in the development of planning and regulation projects. He was a research assistant in the urban planning department. His research is dedicated to the role of visual instruments (augmented reality, graphics and maps) in urban projects.

Christophe Breuer
Master in Geography ULg (2007), Urban Planner ULg (2008)

Christophe Breuer has been involved in various territorial development projects, from the communal to regional level. He is presently working as an assistant for the formation of urban planner (Department ArGenCo) and for the Department of Geography (Social and Economic Geography). He is currently conducting doctoral research on contemporary metropolitan change.

Veronica Cremasco
Civil Engineer in Architecture ULg (1998)
Veronica Cremasco

Veronica Cremasco participated to the PETUS research project (2003-2006) dedicated to practical evaluation tools for urban sustainability and to the Permanent Conference for Territorial Development (CPDT) on the Theme II sustainable urban development and on the expertise on urban regeneration policies.

Céline Genette
Civil Engineer in Architecture ULg (2009)
Maryse Jadoul

Céline Genette was involved in the Interreg IVa SUN project, dedicated to sustainable development of existing urban neighbourhoods. She was also working on the Interreg IVb VALUE project. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the economic value of green infrastructure at the city/region scale and to show how to target green investments to maximise competitive benefits to communities throughout NWE.

Jo-David Goergen
Architect Institut St-Luc Liège (2007) and Urban Planner ULg (2008)

Jo-David Goergen participated to a research project dedicated to the post-evaluation of public lighting projects funded by the Walloon Region over the last decade.

Maryse Jadoul
Translator - Institut supérieur de traducteurs et interprètes (1993)

Maryse Jadoul

Maryse Jadoul was in charge of administrative and financial matters within LEMA. Her command of English and Spanish allows her to easily get in contact with the various partners of the implemented projects, an asset to be taken into account in the framework of coordination tasks.

Miranda Kiuri
Architect UACG (1980), Master in Environment, UPM (1996), PhD degree in Architecture, UCJC (2007)

Maryse Jadoul

She had the opportunity to participate to a number of Olympic Bid planning and architectural projects. She was professor at the University CJC (Madrid) and guest lecturer at UPM, CEU, AISTS, etc. She is member of IAKS and UIA Sport+Leisure Group. Her thesis was dedicated to the interdependency between intangible and tangible values in Olympic Games and Stadium architecture. Her research is dedicated to the role of sport architecture in sustainable urban design from the perspective of cultural heritage.

Dieudonné Lequarré
Master in Architecture (2005)
Maryse Jadoul

Dieudonné worked on the Interreg IVa SUN project, dedicated to sustainable development of existing urban neighbourhoods. He was particularly involved in Energy action in both Saint-Léonard and Hodimont's districts in the Province of Liège ( Belgium). His research focused on how to stimulate owners and tenants to renovate their housing in order to reduce their energy consumptions.

Anh Tuan Nguyen
Master in architecture (2005)
Luan Nguyen

His major concern is about sustainable architecture adapted to conditions of Vietnam. With nine-year experience in the field of architectural design and project management in Vietnam, he has recognised that the work of Vietnamese architects should concentrate on solving the housing issue for the poor. This has raised the question about a model of low cost housing, using local environmental-friendly materials, towards a sustainable architecture. His research is concentrated on the climate responsive design strategies for housing development in Vietnam.

Pierre-Emmanuel Pacot
Civil Engineer in Electro-mechanical oriented energy (2008)

Sigrid Reiter

Pierre-Emmanuel Pacot was involved in the research project UNO (Urban Network Optimization). This project aimed to identify quality indicators of urban networks such as District Heating networks, power grids and transportation networks. Efficient design of these networks can allow the use of renewable energies and reduce global energy consumptions.

Nathalie Perrin
BA in Arts and Sciences of Information
MA in International Relations and Political Sciences
Manoj Kumar Singh
M. Tech. in Energy Technology, Tezpur University (2004),
PhD in Bioclimatic Building Design, IIT Delhi (2011)
Jacques Teller

Manoj Kumar Singh is Postdoctoral Fellow in LEMA, University of Liege. In his PhD he re-classified bio-climate of North-East India based on recent climatological data and worked on vernacular architecture of North-East India. He studied the form, functionality, thermal performance and status of thermal comfort in vernacular houses. In his postdoctoral research he is working on project “Renovation of Old homes: Adaptive thermal comfort as design parameter.”

Dr Fabian de Smet
Civil Engineer in Architecture ULg (1998)
Fabian De Smet

Fabian De Smet has been involved in the development of architectural projects. He was working as an assistant in the Faculty of architecture and carrying out a research for the Permanent Conference for Territorial Development (CPDT). His research was dedicated to the description and urban regulation of periurban areas.

Véronique Wallemacq
Master in Geography ULg (2009)

Véronique Wallemacq

Véronique Wallemacq was involved in a research project in order to develop a dynamic model of the urban building stock of Liege in terms of its environmental performances. A geographical approach of the last concept allows taking into account many aspects of the issue. This model is intended to be used to test different strategies of urban renewal.

Julien Winant
Web Designer and Web Developer

Julien Winant

Julien Winant was involved in the development of the SAFE project (Suburban Areas Favouring Energy efficiency). He hass worked on the SOLEN project (SOlutions for Low Energy Neighbourhoods). His tasks consisted in developing an interactive tool in the form of an Internet site.