Pro-active management of the Impact of Cultural Tourism upon Urban Resources and Economies

PICTURE aims to develop a strategic urban governance framework for the sustainable management of cultural tourism within small and medium-sized European cities. This framework will help to establish, evaluate and benchmark integrated tourism policies at the local level with a view to maximising the benefits of tourism upon the conservation and enhancement of built heritage diversity and urban quality of life.

¬ Scientific objectives

To accomplish this goal, the following research objectives will be pursued:
  • Evaluate the dynamics of the effects of tourism, at large, upon the social, environmental and economic wealth of European small and medium-sized cities, considering the built heritage diversity and urban quality of life characterising such environments;
  • Identify and benchmark innovative urban governance strategies for sustainable development of cultural tourism within small and medium-sized cities;
  • Provide local governments and decision makers with tools to facilitate the assessment of the impact of tourism in a locality, with particular regard to built heritage issues and relevant quality of life parameters, in order to improve their strategies, plans, and policies;
  • Capitalise and disseminate existing knowledge and good practices of sustainable cultural tourism in Europe, focussing upon the effects of the sector upon the conservation and enhancement of the built heritage diversity and urban quality of life.
¬ Research Framework

The PICTURE project is financed by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme of Research.

Specific Programme: Integrating and strengthening the European Research Area.
Activity: Specific activity covering policy-orientated research under "Policy support and anticipating scientific and technological needs".
Priority 3. Underpinning the economic potential and cohesion of a larger and more integrated European Union.
Topic 3.6: The protection of cultural heritage and associated conservation strategies;
Task 5: Cultural heritage and tourism.

Contract Number: SSpp1-CT-2003-502491 PICTURE

The main deliverable of the project consists in a guideline for the management of cultural tourism policies in small and medium-sized European cities. A preliminary version can be downloaded from here.

¬ Coordinators

Prof. Albert Dupagne & dr. ir. Jacques Teller

LEMA - Université de Liège,
1, Chemin des Chevreuils, B52/3
4000 Liège - Belgium
phone: +32 4 366 93 94

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