Local Environment Management and Analysis


Project description

Even if it is now welcomed by most of the EU cities, public involvement in decision-making and planning is still a challenge. The major problems facing Europe can indeed not be addressed using entirely local bottom-up approaches. This also requires strategic, coordinated responses. VALUE+ will demonstrate how cities can best integrate bottom-up and top-down approaches, but also how to build on community participation to generate local growth, innovation and resilience strategies. The City of Liege is the operational partner associated to ULg for this action-research project.

For further information: www.value-and.com

Coordinator of the project

Tom Wild - South Yorkshire Forest Partnership (UK)


South Yorkshire Forest Partnership, Sheffield City Council, Ville de Liège, Community Forest Trust, Vlaamse Landmaatschappij, Leiedal, City of Amersfoort, ILS - Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development gGmbH, University of Liège, University of Sheffield, Van Hall Larenstein Foundation, Verband Region Stuttgart.

Contact person for LEMA

Christine Ruelle - c.ruelle[at]ulg.ac.be