Local Environment Management and Analysis

SIMBA - SImulations Multi-physique du BAtiment

Research framework

The main sources of funding for the project are the Walloon region of Belgium and the FEDER (Fonds Européen de Développement Régional).

Project description

This research aims at integrating simulation tools developed by aeronautic sector into building physics. These tools have become indispensable because of energy performance requirements for buildings construction or renovation. Their use will also permit to get a better understanding of complexes phenomena occurring in buildings such as natural convection, forced convection, radiation or also conduction.

Site Web du projet SIMBA

Coordinator of the project

Sigrid Reiter, LEMA - University of Liege


Architecture et Climat - UCL, ULg, Aéro, CENAERO, CSTC.

Contact person for LEMA

Mathieu Barbason - mbarbason[at]ulg.ac.be