Local Environment Management and Analysis

Modelling and management of urban landscapes

This line of research focuses on how to represent and model urban landscapes as well as on the re - engineering of degraded landscapes. Landscape modelling concentrates on urban material structures (3D models, data collection) and visual perception. It results in experiments on the visual perception and above all the assessment of alternative urban developments.

We claim to apply this research activity to the management of periurban landscapes. The models developed in the framework of previous research works in LEMA aimed at analysing urban centres, and in particular historic centres. These analysis and/or representation models can not be directly applied to periurban areas and the quality of their landscape has not yet been sufficiently studied in detail. This fits into the tasks currently carried out under the «Landscape» issue of the Conférence permanente du développement territorial (Permanent Conference on Territorial Development), and more widely under the implementation of the European Landscape Convention.

Besides, LEMA is involved in several researches on the economic and social consequences arising from the transformation of urban landscapes. Initially focused on brownfield redevelopment, analysis of the socio - economic dimension of urban landscapes could appropriately be applied to other types of areas such as residential or town centre areas.

Main research projects: SUIT, CSI, VALUE, CPDT thème 3 Paysages