Local Environment Management and Analysis

Sustainable local development

Sustainable development has nowadays become essential in terms of urban issues. Numerous researches have been carried out on this matter. The current increase in the number of guidelines, assessment tools (environmental footprint, CO2 balance, etc.) and good practices suggested in this regard is striking.

In this perspective, research centres are expected to critically analyse the models currently proposed in order to make them more efficient, more adapted and more widely used. This critical analysis rests on three types of questions:

- What are the hypotheses and main aspects of the proposed models in terms of sustainable development?
- What are the models that can be transposed from city to city, under what conditions and in what form?
- How do these models fit into the decision-making process and what will be their consequences on the urban policy?

These three subjects are closely interwoven and the issues of governance and landscape modelling cannot be parted from research on sustainability.

Main research projects: SUN, Stock bâti, SAFE, PETUS, MEGECO, PUCA