Local Environment Management and Analysis

Guidance for local authorities

Pour une gestion efficiente de l’énergie au niveau communal – Guide pratique
To manage efficiently energy at local level – Practical guide

This practical guide aims at helping the Local Authorities and the town managers to carry out suitable policies in order to save energy and promote the use of renewable energies. The main objectives of the guide are: To provide and disseminate an operational method to the municipalities to develop their own overall suitable plan to manage energy; To improve the exchange of information and the collaboration between the different departments in charge of or related to energy saving in a town so that energy concerns will be taken into account by all the actors; To create a dynamic of continuous improvement based on an assessment of fulfilled actions.

French, 2008, 87 p.

Strategic Urban Governance framework for the sustainable management of cultural tourism

This guidance is dedicated to the sustainable management of cultural tourism within small and medium-sized European cities. It will help to establish, evaluate and benchmark integrated tourism policies at the local level with a view to maximising the benefits of tourism upon the conservation and enhancement of built heritage diversity and urban quality of life.

English, 2007, 139 p.

THE APPEAR METHOD : A practical guide for the management of enhancement projects on urban archaeological sites

The APPEAR guide will help all those involved in projects for enhancing urban archaeological sites. It is based on the principles of strategic management adapted by a number of researchers from different disciplines and integrates all the factors and issues likely to occur during what can often be a complex process. It offers a structured mechanism for users to establish the goals to be reached within their areas of expertise and to conceive and execute appropriate actions to reach these with realism, flexibility and creativity.

English, 2006, 236 p.
French, 2006, 245 p.

Guidance for the Environmental Assessment of the impacts of certain plans, programmes or projects upon the heritage value of historical areas, in order to contribute to their long-term sustainability

The objective of this guidance is to promote the use of Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment procedures as a way to foster a long-term conservation of urban fragments. With this guidance, SUIT proposes to assist local authorities, heritage experts and project developers in assessing the suitability of future actions (plans, programmes or projects) with regards to active conservation of urban heritage values.

English, 2005, 136 p., ISBN 92-894-7819-5

Méthodologie d'accompagnement des projets communaux en matière de cartographie numérique
To manage Geographic Information Systems at local level – Practical guide

This practical guide aims at helping local authorities to manage their territorial data's. The main objective of the guide is to provide an operational method to help small municipalities (less than 10.000 inhabitants) to implement their own Geographic Information System (GIS) by identifying the necessary steps and actions to undertake.

French, 2006, 79 p.